Rental Instruments

Welcome to l'atelier by apc's rental instrument!


If you are looking for a rental instrument in Tokyo,

l'atelier by apc can offer you instruments of finest quality.

Our selections varies from old French violins, violas and cellos to brilliant new instruments, full and small size instruments, suited for beginners to aspiring professionals.

​All our instruments are professionally serviced, prepared to high standard.

Minimum rental period is three months, but you may rent as long as you wish with monthly payments.

The instruments could be delivered to your door or collected at ours store in Shibuya. 


If you have any questions, please send us an email or call us.  

Our English & French speaking staff will guide you through.

​Discovery Plan

The Discovery plan offers instruments suited for beginners, they are easy to play and finely adjusted.


JPY 2,500 / month


JPY 4,000 / month


JPY 6,000 / month

Experience Plan

The Experience plan offers a brand new set of Instrument, Bow and Case. We have also included instruments which are just below the "Authentic Plan" category.


JPY 4,000 / month


JPY 5,500 / month


JPY 8,000 / month

Authentic Plan

The Authentic plan is recommended for all the players willing to enjoy century-old instruments with warm and resonant sound. 


JPY 6,000 / month


JPY 8,000 / month


JPY 10,000 / month

Virtuose Plan

The Virtuose plan offers instruments of exceptional quality. Recommended for aspiring professionals, prepared on demand.


from JPY 9,000


from JPY 12,000


from JPY 14,000


French luthier Olivier PAOLI established his atelier in Paris back in 1997. After  12 years of dedication to his craft, he decided to move to Japan in 2009 to create l'atelier by apc with his authentic French workmanship.  

L'atelier by apc (Aux Petits Chevalets Paris) is located in Shibuya, in the heart of Tokyo with a large room and high ceiling, enabling visitors to try our instruments in the finest acoustics conditions.

We offer services for string instruments purchase, maintenance & repair and rental instruments.

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​1-26-30, Shibuya East building 1F, Higashi Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Mon. - Fri. : 10:00 - 19:00

Sat. : 10:00 - 15:00

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