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Rental Guide

After having selected an instrument, please proceed to the checkout page to pay the fees for the first month of rental (insurance and shipping fees optional)

View Payment method here, Rental Policy here (only in Japanese).

レンタル楽器 procedure1
レンタル楽器 procedure 2

We'll send the Rental Contract to your e-mail.

​Pick up at our store

​If you choose to pick up the instrument at our store, please make a reservation by e-mail or phone.

We will register your credit card information and your ID for monthly invoices and for registration when visiting our shop. The minimum rental period is 3 months.

Delivering to your house

If you would like to have it delivered, please send us, in separate emails, a signed rental contract and the copy of your ID, as well as your credit card information. Your credit card registration can also be done by telephone.

You'll receive your instrument shortly after by Kuroneko Yamato. 

Customer Service

We are committed to provide the service that our clients deserves. Please don't hesitate to contact us via email or by telephone.

When returning the instrument

If you have decided to return the instrument, first please let us know by email or by telephone.

The instrument could be either returned to our shop directly, or have it sent by delivery services. When you are using delivery services, please make sure you have the instrument, the bow, and the rosin safe in the case. Wrap the case with bubble wrap and with cardboard.  

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